SHREVEPORT, La - If you've received a notice from the Internal Revenue Service this year that you owe, you're not alone.

Stimulus payments triggered millions of math error notices sent out by the IRS and the same issues may be looming for those who are getting a child tax credit.

About 9 million of these error notices were sent out through July of this year, most of them dealing with stimulus and child tax credits.

"Most people are receiving these notices due to the fact the payments they received for stimulus in 2020 are not reconciling to the records the IRS has," said Brandon Horton, CPA with Matthews, Beaty & Company in Shreveport.

"For instance, if they received a debit card with there was stimulus money on it and they trashed it or they didn't know they received it and never used it, the taxpayer believes they never used it and they go to file their taxes and claim the credit and the IRS says they've calculated wrong," Horton said.

"If you received one of those notices, the first thing I would do is create an account online at You can pull a record of if you got the stimulus or if they believe you got the stimulus. If it reconciles to what you got, the letter, you probably owe," he said.

Horton said as always if you can't figure it out contact a tax professional.


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