SHREVEPORT, La- Retirement is an exciting time for anyone that's put time in on the job, But when the time comes are you financially ready to enjoy it?

The number one question is when is the right time to start planning.

It better to start early for your retirement according to president and founder of Williams Financial Group Tommy Williams.

You wanna make sure you start with small amounts and if you have any type of employment with 401k then you definitely want to take advantage of it.

The issue people run into is using their 401k for emergency or personal use.

this will make it more difficult when the time for retirement comes.

Williams says its important that when you do put money away you want to consider the lifestyle you plan on living after retirement.

"It's really about math and of course we and other firms like ours have some sophisticated software packages to calculate that," Williams said.

"So someone can get a sense of how much they can spend, what they do need to earn and what they do need to contribute in order to meet those retirement goals."

It's also best to enter your employment 401k plan because the money is pre- tax meaning you will get a 100 percent back on what you put in.

Places to retire is also important and Shreveport-Bossier are top places where you can enjoy the benefits from your labor of work or if you want to start a new career after retirement.

Where to Retire Magazine ranked Shreveport and Bossier as top retirement destinations.

Both have veteran friendly communities and many recreational activities.

"We got a lot of golf courses, a sportsman paradise we have a lot of lakes, you have a opportunity to go hunting, you have things maybe that were differed later in life and then you have a opportunity now to gasp that and be part of that in this area," Greater Bossier Economic Foundation Executive Director Rocky Rockett said.

Where to Retire Magazine ranked Shreveport as a top retirement destination in 2018 and Bossier City was ranked in 2019.


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