jimmie davis bridge

(Bossier City, La.) -- A 50-year-old structure that goes over the Red River, and connects two cities: Bossier City and Shreveport, has waited two years for an expensive upgrade.

From 2015 to today, the Jimmie Davis Bridge project has gone from rehab to rebuild.

The bridge has been under an environmental assessment since October. It is a federal regulation that is done on any type of major project, like this one, but it was estimated that the assessment would be done by now.

Well, that is not the case.

It looks as though the Jimmie Davis Bridge will have to wait longer.

Erin Buchanan, Public Information Officer for DOTOD, explains, "The environmental assessment process is still ongoing. That's to evaluate the alternatives that we've presented in the past - how those will affect the community, affect the environment, and how we can best develop those alternatives and choose the best fit.”

The alternatives that are being looked at are either: DOTD will build a whole new four lane bridge and possibly use the Jimmie Davis Bridge as a pedestrian crossing, or they will build a new two lane bridge next to Jimmie Davis, and rehab the new two lane portion with pedestrian lanes attached.

The ballpark price on this project is at $80,000,000.

"In order to receive funding on these projects, the environmental assessment must be completed."

20% of the project's cost will come from the state, the rest from the government, but a funding source has not been identified yet on the state level.

Buchanan says all sources are being looked at.

The fall of 2018 is the new expected completion period on the environmental assessment. It is at that time we they may decide whether or not Jimmie Davis will turn into a crosswalk.


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