SHREVEPORT, La. - As more and more coronavirus vaccines becomes available, it's becoming clear that a lot of people don't want it.

Whether it's reluctance, hesitancy or flat out refusal, a huge percentage of Americans are not interested in getting a COVID-19 vaccine, according to surveys.

What's a huge percentage,? How about pretty close to half the country right now.

The Kaiser Family Foundation said 45% don't want it right now. Another survey from "Invisibly" has that number at 47%. An ABC News poll has the number of people reluctant to roll up their sleeves at 44%.

"Those who are hesitant, and I would say that's the vast majority ... those who are hesitant, than refusing ... will see very quickly that their colleagues have gotten the vaccine and no adverse side effects or long term complications or other issues. And, most of them we expect will come for vaccine before too long." said Dr. John Vanchiere of LSU Health Shreveport.

Vanchiere said this isn't the first time most people have seen this reaction, but it may be the most widely examined and noticed by medical professionals and the general public.

"We've seen that with other vaccines in the past, even the pandemic flu in 2009. We saw that there was hesitancy early on, but once we had delivered millions and millions of doses people realized that, okay, I've let the other people go through the process and their okay ... I'm going to be okay too," said Vanchiere.


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