SHREVEPORT, La. - A local church worship group is spreading a message of love to the nation.

The Calvary COVID Chorale song “All we need is Love” has gained positive reviews on social media and music streaming services.

Songwriter Pamela Jackson says the early lyrics came to her heart three years ago.

“This year in March when the pandemic started and all the issues with systemic racism began and so many other things and the protest and discrimination, God just started to slowing revealing the rest of the lyrics and before you knew you had all of the lyrics to all we need is love,” Jackson said.

Members hope that the song will serve as empowerment, bring hope and unity to people across the nation.

“I'm hoping people find a way to see the goodness around in the world and we process that quality to give out to others,” group member Lennard Holden said.

“I’m hoping that “All you need is love” is the song that people go on iTunes and Google Play and say hey this is going to be my song for the day and it reminded me that today is going to be a love day and I’m going to love anybody that comes in contact with me,” group member Jessica Roque said.

The song is available on all music streaming services.


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