property standards

HAUGHTON, La. - Bossier Parish residents will face fines if they become repeat property standards offenders.

The Bossier Parish Police Jury's Road/Subdivision Regulations Committee approved the change Wednesday.

First time offenders won't be fined.

After the first offense, an inspection will happen in 60 to 90 days.

The second time a resident has a property standards issue they will have to pay $50.

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That fine will continue to increase by $50 after more offenses.

There's no cap to the penalty.

One police juror hopes this encourages people to clean up and show respect to their neighbors.

"Like I've got one gentleman in Tall Timbers that only mows it once a year and that's when we send the letter out and that's kind of what brought it forth. Because I've got a really nice older couple that lives next door and they've been having to kill snakes, and rats, and raccoons, so this backs up to the woods, and they're coming out of this yard and they shouldn't have to suffer like that," said Glenn Benton.

Benton believes the fines will save tax payer dollars.


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