Cross Bayou Development

SHREVEPORT, La. - There are more details about plans for a $1.5 billion mixed-used development in Shreveport. The Cross Bayou Point Project has been a master plan for some time, and will serve as a central connector for the downtown area.

The Gateway Development Consortium revealed details about plans for the Cross Bayou Point Project in downtown Shreveport. The site is set to include a state office complex, a multi-sports complex, a civil war and civil rights museum, and 5,000 affordable, luxury residential units.

GDC Partner, Paul Pratt says the project is not just about transforming, and beautifying the City of Shreveport, but also to provide citizens in the area with jobs.

"This is about giving Shreveport not only the opportunity to have a great investment for our public private partnership, but also to employ our very own citizens. Time and time again citizens say we don't have anything to do in Shreveport, we don't have anywhere to go, but the first opportunity is we have to give them is a job."

Stormy Gage Watts, President of Caddo Parish Commission says the idea of the Cross Bayou Point Development is something that Shreveport actually needs. She says she has received positive feedback about the project.

"The calls that I received were calls from grandfathers saying I want to have somewhere besides the boardwalk to spend time with my children and my grandchildren. I want for my child to come back home, but they have nothing to come back home to."

Commissioner Gage Watts also says she would like for millennials to be able to walk to locations connected in the same area, to help limit the amount of driving throughout Shreveport.


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