naked man at Diamond Jacks

He didn't lose his shirt at the casino. He discarded the entire ensemble.

The man who stripped naked and went on a chair-tossing tirade on board a riverboat casino in Bossier City is out of the hospital and wearing jail coveralls after his arrest late Tuesday night.

Terrence Roquemore, 24, of Deberry, Texas, faces charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault on a police officer, battery of a police officer, resisting an officer with force, disturbing the peace by being drunk and obscenity. He spent all day Wednesday undergoing observation and treatment at University Health hospital before being transferred to the Bossier City Jail Thursday morning.

The tirade happened at Diamond Jacks casino. Police were called to the second floor of the riverboat to handle a disorderly person who refused to leave. They arrived to find a man who had taken off his clothes in the middle of the casino floor and was bouncing around the slot machines.

At one point, the man improvised a fig leaf, using a chair to hide his privates -- but only briefly.

Down came the chair. As more police officers arrived, they tried to pin him in. One chair after another was thrown at officers. One officer used chemical spray and another hit him with bean bags fired from a shotgun. Neither method worked.

The man then streaked for the exit, with officers in pursuit. They caught him around some slot machines.

As Ray Stevens said in the song "The Streak": Don't look, Ethel!

But they did.

Gamblers interrupted table games and slot machines to record the incident on their cell phones. The video quickly went viral.

Two police officers suffered minor injuries -- one to the wrist and the other to the knee. One casino patron was taken to the hospital after some of the chemical spray used by police affected her.


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