LSU players with cigars

NEW ORLEANS, La - A few Tigers nearly found themselves in hot water during a post-game celebration, The Advocate reports.

Pictures show Joe Burrow and his teammates lighting up victory cigars in the locker room after winning the national championship. When one law enforcement officer realized this, he was quick to take action. 

AL.Com reporter, Michael Casagrande, said the officer told the team they weren't allowed to smoke indoors.

Apparently, several players thought this was a joke and the officer had to warn them he was serious. He reminded the players that anyone caught smoking was subject to arrest. 

Oddly enough, a second officer stepped in to tell the guys this was incorrect and that it was all right to smoke in the locker room.

There seemed to be some disagreement between the two officers, but in the end none of the players were arrested and the celebratory atmosphere wasn't interrupted.

In fact, The Advocate notes that not only was smoke seen spilling out of LSU's locker room after the encounter with the officer, but later on, Burrow was spotted smoking his cigar as he walked to his post-game press conference. 


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