Funeral service for Katrina-era governor, Kathleen Blanco

The Blanco family pallbearers bring the casket into the Cathedral during a Celebration of Life Interfaith Service for former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, at St. Joseph Cathedral in Baton Rouge, La., Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019. Thursday was the first of three days of public events to honor Blanco, the state's first female governor who died after a years long struggle with cancer.

LAFAYETTE, La. - A three day celebration of life for Louisiana's first and only female governor is over

Almost a week after Governor Kathleen Blanco lost her battle with cancer. Family and friends gathered in Lafayette for a second day to say their final good byes.

At 8 Saturday morning Governor Kathleen Blanco's family and friends held the last public visitation at Saint John The Evangelist Cathedral Hall.

Francie Bouillion is a Lafayette city judge and a long time friend of Blanco.

"she loved Louisiana so much and she made people feel so welcome."

It was a chance for people to reunite and reminisce.

"such an example for women, so many firsts", said Bouillion.

She inspired kids too like Miles Siner.

"when ever you see everyone here and you see how much they cared about this person, it just means a lot to you. Like you can see the smiles and how that made people happy, and what they've learned from them. It just inspires me to do more".

After the visitation, Blanco's body was brought to the cathedral.

Her family walked together. Holding hands until they got inside the church.

After mass. Blanco's family held a private burial.


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