Sharon Lewis

Sharon Lewis


Ed Orgeron

Scott Woodward

LSU AD Scott Woodward.

BATON ROUGE, La. - LSU says it won't allow any of its employees to answer questions from state legislators Thursday related to the school's ongoing Title IX scandal.

On Wednesday, lawmakers requested that LSU Athletics executive Sharon Lewis, who's filing a $50 million lawsuit against the university, appear at the April 8 hearing to answer questions about LSU's mishandling of sexual misconduct cases. State Sen. Regina Barrow confirmed the Senate Select Committee on Women and Children asked Lewis to show up after both Coach Ed Orgeron and Athletics Director Scott Woodward declined to answer questions in person.

LSU blocked that request with a letter to lawmakers Wednesday, saying that "persons associated with" the university cannot answer questions under oath because of the pending lawsuit.

"Regrettably, in light of this threatened litigation, it would not be prudent for persons associated with LSU to provide testimony under oath at the senate committee meeting scheduled tomorrow," the letter read in part. "Allowing persons who will inevitably be witnesses in to testify under oath on facts related to these claims, is simply not a prudent risk."

Lewis is filing the lawsuit Wednesday alleging LSU and her bosses in the athletics department covered up misconduct.


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