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SHREVEPORT, La. -It was a false alarm at LSU in Baton Rouge earlier this week after someone saw a person with a gun on campus.

Unfortunately, that may not always be the case.

KTBS visited LSU Shreveport see what measures they have in place to prevent potential tragedies. They have a system to make sure everyone knows what's going on, There's a text message system, an app, and also monitor displays throughout the campus.

Campus police urges everyone to report any suspicious activity. And to do that, the chief Donald Wray says students or faculty can contact any officer via phone, email or in person.

The chief says they can also report anything anonymously.

From then, they send out a message, warning the campus and then undergo their emergency operations plan. After starting the investigation, they then would determine the level of the threat.

"We would evaluate those as we go," said Wray. "I mean, we take every threat seriously, so we make our response based off of that. If it turns out to be nothing, great. If it turns out to be something more important, well, we're already geared up and already moving in that form or fashion."

Chief Wray says , They're making sure communication remains a strong component in preventing tragedy.

The chief says they partner with other agencies such as Shreveport Police, Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office and Louisiana State Police.

Wray says they're also in close contact with surrounding universities as well.

"I have other colleagues around town even as far as the chief down there at Northwestern just so we can collaborate, do some training and also talk and work through maybe some of the worse case scenarios just so we all have a better understanding for whenever that day hopefully never comes," Wray said.

They also make sure the correct information is being sent out and that it's not filtered or second-hand knowledge.

Tragedy has hit in other areas before as well. KTBS sat down with the Caddo Parish Sheriff, Steve Prator talking about how the general public can help prevent mass shootings.

After recent deadly mass shootings in El Paso and Ohio. Three potential mass shootings were stopped this week across the country thank to vigilance.

Now, the Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator is talking about how you can help prevent a tragedy.

Prator says this is how the public can help make sure these tragedies do not happen.

He says there are indicators. Such as, if a person is radical about one particular thing or they have mental instability and they're also capable of hurting a lot of people, Prator says that's something they probably should check out.

He also says that his deputies may not be able to do everything the public thinks they can do, but he assured that they're going to all they can do to help.

"It's a fine balance," Prator said. "I'm not saying spy on everybody and report everybody because we certainly can't take all those calls. There are some things. If you see something out of place, unusual, then let us know. Let us look at it too with you."

Sheriff Prator says a person carrying out these threats can't be charged with possession of a firearm unless the firearm is illegal or they are a felon, but he says they can be charged with terrorism on the state and federal level.

The person with the gun on LSU's Baton Rouge campus earlier this week turned out to be an officer in plain clothes.

On Friday, they held an active shooter exercise to prepare students in case of a real emergency.


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