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MARSHALL, Texas - Marshall just got the okay to mobilize.

The commission Wednesday voted to adopt the Mobilize Marshall Strategic plan.

Some of the planning started a couple weeks ago when the city held a town hall-like meeting. More that 200 people showed up and many of them voiced their concerns on what they wanted to see in the community. The commission took notes on the issues and came up with three, five and ten year plans to take action on the matters.

The plan consists of ways to improve economic development, quality of life, infrastructure, city safety and appearance. The commission unanimously voted to get started on those projects right away.

The mayor and some citizens say they're confident this plan will put Marshall where it needs to be.

"When I leave this office, what will happen, someone else will step in, and they will be able to look at that document and they'll see where we're heading, why we're heading there and what our citizens said that we needed to do," Mayor Larry Hurta said.

"I have a lot of confidence that he's going to follow this plan," said Kenneth Moon, a Marshall resident. "I just hope that, you know policies there may be, get behind him. Get behind and give him the support he needs, Marshall will improve greatly."

Moon is referring to City Manager Mark Rohr, who spear-headed the plan.

The commission started the plan right after it was approved. They also passed an ordinance for a community service restitution program.

Hurta said the city has the financing vehicle to potentially borrow up $5 million for the plan and pay it back over a 10 to 15 year span.


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