Perkins pay memo

KTBS 3 News obtained this copy of Mayor Perkins' memo.

SHREVEPORT, La -- Amid a struggle to fill jobs and work schedules, Mayor Adrian Perkins wants to raise the minimum wage for workers with the City of Shreveport.

He sent a memo to city council members, asking for support to phase in a raise to $13 an hour minimum over the next two years.

The mayor wrote, "This is the first step in a comprehensive effort to improve the earning wage for city employees and to deliver better service to all of Shreveport."

The mayor says it would cost the city about $500,000 for the rest of this year. And it would require amending this year's budget.

Perkins also says his administration plans a 2.75 percent raise for all non-civil service city employees next year. Then he wants the city to move to merit-based pay in 2023.


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