SHREVEPORT, La. – After vanishing last summer, Zeus the Maltese-poodle mix was reunited with his owner Wednesday.

A cell phone video recorded at the Humane Society of Camden County in Kingsland, GA captures the joyful moment that Zeus was placed back in Danielle Wells’ arms.

"It was really him, after all this time,” Wells said. “I just wish Dr. Doolittle or someone was there to tell us what -- I really wish he could tell me what he's been doing this whole year."

Wells, a Shreveporter and former medic in the U.S. Air Force, said Zeus was given to her by a military colleague several years ago. The small, white dog, who reminded Wells of the malti-poo her father had given her as a child, has been a trusty companion to her and her son, Kai.

"Kai actually has a very rare disorder called BPAN, so he's nonverbal and non-mobile, but Zeus can pick up on all of Kai's cues," Wells said.

Shortly after Wells’ father died last summer, Zeus vanished.

"While I was unloading Kai and some groceries out of the car, Zeus was sitting on the sidewalk of our apartment complex waiting for me to finish, but by the time I finished, he disappeared," Wells said. “I was completely, completely devastated that he was gone.”

Wells said she searched for Zeus on social media, posted flyers, and subscribed to multiple networks to get alerted if Zeus’ microchip was scanned.

A year went by with no Zeus. Wells had given up, and hoped her dog was being cared for by someone else.

“Ironically, I got the phone call on the anniversary of my dad's death,” Wells said.

Monday’s phone call came from 847 miles away from Wells’ home, by her estimate. Kingsland is just a few miles north of Jacksonville, FL.

According to Wells, a woman in the area had found Zeus and brought him to the local humane society, where staff scanned his microchip and located his owner.

Without hesitation, Wells packed up her van and drove more than 13 hours to the shelter to pick up Zeus.

"I honestly believe that was my dad, like 'Hey. Give my grandson his dog back,'” Wells said. and it all worked out -- like everything worked out perfectly."

Since the reunion, Zeus has had a bath and a hair cut. Wells said a veterinarian examined him and determined that he was healthy.


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