McCathran family

Martha Mullins, mother of Dorothy Yates McCathran, shows a flyer offering a reward up to $20,000 for information on her missing daughter's whereabouts. McCathran's daughter, Emma Jo Yates, is seated next to her grandmother.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- The family of a Vivian woman missing for nearly nine months is still searching for answers -- and hope -- on what would be her 41st birthday.

"I want my daughter," Martha Mullins says.

Dorothy Yates McCathran disappeared from her home on Vivian Airport Road on January 21. Det. Matt Purgerson with the Caddo Parish Sheriffs Office says there's no new information.

So the family and friends have put together a $20,000 reward in hopes of coaxing some good information from somebody to solve the mystery.

"Somebody knows something," Mullins insists.

Investigators say McCathran's husband returned home to find her missing.

"She was cooking dinner," Mullins says. "There's food on the stove where she was cutting up okra and cooking okra. And then when her husband got home she was gone. Her purse was there. Her driver's license, everything. And she was missing."

Her vehicle was disabled. It's believed she either walked away or was picked up. Though Mullins says a search of the five acre property near Vivian's airport, where the couple lived, did turn up some of her belongings.

"They found some jewelry and they found a hat and a scarf in the woods. But that's all that was found," Mullins says.

She says she talked to her daughter on the phone the day before she disappeared. Mullins says McCathran was upset about not being able to come to Shreveport to see her daughter on her sixth birthday.

"She cried some on the phone," Mullins says. "But then she settled down and got excited about coming for the birthday party (the following Saturday.) And she was going to come do a camp with Emma Jo that next morning. She was very excited. And then the next day she's gone."

McCathran's normally cheerful daughter, Emma Jo Yates, told us with a frown, "I'm hoping that my mommy might come back anytime soon because I'm really missing her."

McCathran's mother and stepfather have custody of Dorothy's her two children.

Dorothy Yates McCathran is 5'3" and weighs 110 pounds. Her hair and eyes are brown. If you have information on the case, call Caddo Crime Stoppers at 318-673-7373.


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