Ken Krefft holds seven pieces of mail addressed to other people that he says was delivered to his home.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- You've got mail -- somewhere.

That's the feeling of one Shreveport resident, as KTBS continues to get complaints about the performance lately by the U.S. Postal Service.

Ken Krefft says he got seven pieces of mail delivered to his home Friday that should've gone to others on his street, or the next street over in Broadmoor. One of the items is from a bank. Another is a utility bill.

"If I'm getting other people's mail, that tells my old brain the other people are getting my mail," Krefft says.

He says one reason is he's not seeing his usual letter carrier -- but lots of different ones.

"This week I have seen four different carriers in five days. I've only had the same carrier two days this week," he says.

Krefft believes fill-ins are being hired because of letter carriers calling in sick amid the pandemic.

Krefft said he was taking the mail addressed to others back to the post office so it can be delivered correctly.

Meantime, the postal service says it's examining pictures we showed on Thursday from someone claiming to be an employee at the USPS Shreveport distribution center. We're protecting their name.

The pictures show packages piling up in containers inside the facility. Another picture shows what appears to be bulked mail stored under a tent in a parking lot.

The USPS stands by its original statement that the tent is holding "empty equipment."

Spokeswoman Kanickewa Johnson said in a written statement, in part, "We apologize to any Shreveport area customers who may have experienced mail service issues. Local postal management is working diligently around the clock to ensure all mail and packages are received, processed, transported and delivered as efficiently as possible."

Johnson also acknowledged that COVID-19 is creating workforce challenges for the postal service.


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