NAACP rally

SHREVEPORT, La. - This week has been especially violent in Shreveport. The local NAACP chapter is calling for a stop to black on black crime.

They held a prayer vigil Saturday morning where one of the latest shootings happened. They're going through local churches and reaching out to the community.

There was a small crowd outside the Royalty Cigar and Hookah Lounge, but for a big reason, to pray and to work "diligently trying to bring about peace."

The hookah lounge was the site of one of Shreveport's latest shootings that killed Leeharius Baines and Shazmine Walters. 

Chapter president Lloyd Thompson says it's now time for the NAACP to step in and say enough is enough. Thompson adds,"we're about a mission to try to bring awareness  to the black on black crime in our community"

He says he wants local churches to go beyond their four walls and inspire the youth. Something pastor Harry Cooper will take back to his congregation.

Pastor Cooper says, "we're going to step out. When you get off your knees, you got to get on your feet. It's an African proverb and I have adopted that."

"let's find out and then one they tell us what we can do to help them, we got to say 'okay, now we do this to help you, what are you going to do to make sure that the violence cease within our community," Thompson says, "let's figure out how they can, number 1 provide for their families, number 1 get a good quality education and how we can show them how they can do it right."

He believes the lack of jobs and education could be why so many lives are lost. He will also announce a strategic plan in writing on how the NAACP is going to try and help stop the violence in Shreveport.

Police are still looking for a suspect in the killings of Baines and Walter. If you have any information call Caddo Crime Stoppers at 318-673-7373 or you can submit a tip here. 


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