Shreveport Fire Department

SHREVEPORT, La. – A Shreveport fire battalion chief’s request for an internal investigation appears to be underway after she found a naked woman in the bed of a firefighter at Station 13.

Battalion Chief Lisa Ivory initially asked the Shreveport Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board to investigate the firefighter and Fire Chief Scott Wolverton. However, she backed off her request regarding Wolverton Wednesday morning after learning he was looking into the matter.

Wolverton told KTBS he could not comment on the investigation because it involves fire personnel.

Ivory wrote two letters to the civil service board – dated Dec. 23 and Dec. 25 – asking for the investigation. In the first one, she said she was an eye-witness to a violation that happened on Dec. 11 at Station 13.

According to Ivory, a captain knocked on her door after midnight and asked her to accompany him to the bedroom used by firefighter Divine Abram. Ivory said she saw an “obviously naked” female in the bed trying to cover herself up while also using a cellphone.

“Long story short, FF Abram arrived while I was speaking with the female and admitted to the disgusting act,” Ivory wrote.

Ivory sent both away from the station.

The next day, Ivory said she got a call from another captain saying the fire chief said to bring Divine back to work on the next shift. The reason: “He does not want to spend more money for overtime to replace Divine.”

Ivory said she had no confidence in the fire chief investigating the incident based on that.

“To reward this type of behavior by moving the FF to station 16 for other members to ‘keep an eye on’ is outrageous and creating an uncomfortable and hostile work environment proven by phone calls that I have received regarding this matter,” Ivory wrote.

Two days later, Ivory followed up with the second letter to the civil service board, referencing the firefighter and his “concubine” and claimed her complaint about his behavior was “unsupported’ by the fire chief.

“His decision to bring this firefighter back to work the very next day thus not supporting a battalion chief with 29 years of being fair and respectful to all, irrespective of my rank or theirs, has caused me countless sleepless nights and immeasurable angst. It has not left my mind since that day and leaves me wondering what could the fire chief possible be thinking.”


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