Celebrities are constantly under the microscope, relying on a team of professionals to keep them camera ready.

Whether on the screen, red carpet or stage, it seems appearance matters as much as performance.

Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Alba are turning to a procedure called light therapy to kill acne bacteria and shrink oil-producing glands -- in a flash.

The trend is also gaining popularity among adolescents desperate for clear skin.

Four out of five teens experience at least minor acne, including Bossier City native Breanna Bundy.

The 16-year-old gets good grade and is very athletic, but has struggled with acne since middle school.

"Whenever I meet new people, I'm kind of insecure about it because I'm scared that that's what they're looking at," Breanna said.

Dr. Josephine Futrell of Ark-La-Tex Dermatology in Bossier City said she has several clients like Breanna.

"In a perfect world, we should not care about how we look," Futrell said, "but in the real world our self-esteem particularly for teens is tied up in our looks."

 Futrell recommended Breanna try the new Blu-Light therapy.

 "Blue light kills the acne-causing bacteria, which tend to accumulate in stopped up oil glands and cause inflammation which results in zits," she said.

Blue-Light therapy includes a series of eight treatments given twice a week for four weeks. Each session lasts about 16 minutes with a price tag of $250 for the total service.

Futrell said it's safe and has few side effects.

"There's not really any skin irritation. There's no upset stomach like there could be with antibiotics," Futrell said.

"You just have to sit," Breanna said. "It doesn't hurt. You just feel like a little bit of heat because you're so close to the light -- but other than that, there's not really anything to it."

Futrell said Blue-Light therapy is best for people with mild- to moderate acne. The results can be enhanced by combining light therapy with medication or topical creams, she said.

Breanna said the treatments are working. She said she hopes to have clearer skin in time for her homecoming dance on Oct. 15 at Benton High School.


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