Eddie Robinson Teacher Education-Civility Scholarship

NATCHITOCHES, La - A new scholarship has been set up in the name of what many believe to be one of the greatest coaches in the history of Grambling State University. This scholarship comes with the help from the George Floyd Foundation.

The Eddie Robinson Teacher Education-Civility Scholarship was established Thursday at the Sports Hall of Fame & Northwest History Museum in Natchitoches.

Scholarship recipients are asked to sign a contract, committing themselves to creating a civility program while in school attending college. The contract also includes an agreement to teach in a school system for a minimum of 10 years.

The $10,000 scholarship is open to any African-American man in the United States. To qualify, an applicant must get a minimum of a 20 on the ACT, or comparable SAT score, along with a 2.7 cumulative high school GPS.

Recipients are not required to attend Grambling Univeristy, but according to Ralph Wilson, Eddie Robinson Legacy Fund Scholarships and Endowments Coordinator and driving force in making this scholarship a reality, attending the university would offer a guaranteed mentor for their mandatory civility program and any other future goals.

If a recipient were to attend another university anywhere else in the country, the foundation would work to find a Grambling University alumni in the area that could take on the role of mentor.

Eddie Robinson III, Eddie Robinson's grandson, was at the event establishing the scholarship, representing the Eddie Robinson Legacy Fund. Rodney Floyd, George Floyd's brother, and several other family members were there representing the George Floyd Foundation.

"This partnership with the George Floyd Foundation, I believe, is a match made in heaven," said Robinson III during the function. " I look forward to continuing initiatives between the Eddie Robinson Legacy Fund and the George Floyd Foundation.

Rodney Floyd spoke of what he believe his brother would feel about the newly established scholarship. "I can see him now just smiling ear to ear across the world right now. This scholarship fund definitely means a lot on the educational side because you can't do one without the other. We are happy and excited about it, and George is definitely is happy at this moment."


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