New Texas law gives first-time DWI offenders a second chance

A new law recently went into effect in Texas that will allow people a "second chance," especially first-time DWI offenders.

The new legislation provides a way for people to have their DWI sealed from public view, which would include potential employers.

The bills applies to offenders who have a blood alcohol content of .14 or less, and did not get into a crash or hurt someone.

Of course, they would also have to follow through with court orders.

The law allows a first-time offender to apply for a non-disclosure, two years after their probation is over if they have an ignition interlock on for 6 months during that time period.

Texas Senator Bryan Hughes of Mineola was a co-sponsor on the bill.

"Someone whose made a mistake and whose dealt with that and has been doing great since then we want to give them a chance to clean up that record, so it's not holding them back from being a productive member of society," said Hughes.

The bill excludes offenses of a violent nature, including sexual assault.

Also, the new law will not wipe a person’s record clear of their DWI.

It will still be visible to law enforcement and it’s still a felony if you get a third DWI.


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