A new organization is inspiring math teachers to engage their students more and more.

Horda Semdani has been teaching math for years at Greenacres Middle School, but it's only been recently that she's implemented new strategies in her classroom.

Semdani gives the credit to a group she's been attending religiously-- the North Louisiana Math Teachers Circle.

She says the meetings and workshops have given her powerful tools that took her students from well-manners to highly engaged.

"I will never teach math the same way, thanks to what I learned in those workshops, and I wish more math teachers would come there," said Semdani.

The circle's founder, Dr. Judith Covington, is a mathematics professor at LSU-Shreveport.

She says good classroom teaching begins with the instructors, and feeds down to the learners.

"All students can do math, but they need to believe they can do math," said Dr. Covington.

Dr. Covington says when like-minded teachers get together, the shared enthusiasm grows, and sparks a higher inspiration that directly benefits the students.

"You need to be excited about it," said Dr. Covington. "I think with the Math Teachers Circle, we get the teachers excited about it, and they take their excitement back into the classroom."




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