MARSHALL, TX - Two opposing groups rallied near a Confederate statue at the courthouse downtown on Saturday. 

One group in favor of preserving the monument occupied the main entrance just a few feet away from the statue. Confederate and American flags were displayed along the sidewalk as some folks sat in lawn chairs. 

Another group wants the statue removed and occupied the opposite end of the building wearing black T-shirts and black face coverings. Many of them held signs denouncing racism and promoting unity.

Tasha Williams, rally organizer from Marshall, said she wants the statue removed as soon as possible. 

"Our mission for today was to actually awaken the black community," Williams said. "To what the real meaning of the confederate statue is. As well as to pull their focus in on the systemic racism that's occurring throughout the United States."

Susan Chamberlain, a Marshall resident, said she disagrees and wants the statue to stay. 

"I think we need to preserve history for future generations to learn," Chamberlain said. 

Eventually, both groups met in passing near the main entrance but the interaction was peaceful.


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