Perkins UBI

Mayor Perkins' Facebook post announced the program.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- How'd you like recurring, cash payments from the city as part of a universal basic income program? That's what Mayor Adrian Perkins is planning.

And he says the pilot program will be privately funded. Posting on his official Facebook page, Perkins wrote, "I am excited to be one of eleven mayors exploring the role guaranteed income initiatives can play in solving the problem of poverty."

He linked to an article on Other mayors planning to launch similar programs are from big cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta, and small cities like Jackson, Mississippi and Stockton, California.

Stockton's mayor founded the group Mayors For A Guaranteed Income. Stockton began its program last year with $500 monthly checks to 125 of its citizens.

Forbes magazine posted a similar article about the program aimed at income equality, naming Perkins and Shreveport along with the rest.

So who are the private donors for Shreveport's campaign? Who'll get the payments? How much will they be? What happens if donations dry up? His spokesman said Perkins would not answer any questions about the plan when we saw him at a public event. In his Facebook post, Perkins said there'll more details in the coming weeks.

Two city councilmen gave their reactions to the plan. Grayson Boucher, also writing on Facebook, said, "Shocked. We should be focusing on economic development, job growth, and entrepreneur incentives."

But fellow Republican John Nickelson wrote via email, "I have no objection to a privately funded experiment, and I look forward to seeing its results."

While objecting to any taxpayer money being used, Nickelson also noted, "There are proponents of universal basic income across the political spectrum."

Other council reps we contacted either declined or did not respond for comment.


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