Hearing set for June 29, 2020

NATCHITOCHES, La - Natchitoches police arrested a woman for lying about her possible coronavirus exposure.

Police were told Monday by the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center that Elisha Johnson, 24, of Natchez made a false claim of exposure after trying to get a 30-day work excuse.

Investigator said Johnson claimed her supervisor told her Friday two of her co-workers had tested positive for the coronavirus and that she needed to notify the hospital. While at the hospital, health care providers told the self-quarantine guidelines.

Police said Johnson returned to the hospital Saturday to be tested for the coronavirus, but then told medical personnel she had not been exposed to anyone with the virus.

Johnson’s false claim she was exposed to the coronavirus caused her doctor and several health care providers to be put under quarantine, police said.

Elisha Johnson was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief and given a June 29 court date.


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