BLANCHARD, La -- A $1,000 reward is offered for the return of a unique and very valuable golf cart.

John Dudley had just started using his Rolls Royce cart. It has a dark gold and white custom paint job, with tan two-toned outboard leather seats.

It also has a large U.S. Marines hood ornament that the veteran says came from a 1941 car used by a general.

Dudley says he put $25,000 and two years of work into the cart.

But someone stole it out of the private cart barn at Northwood Hills Golf Club sometime during Thursday night or early Friday morning.

And he just wants it back.

"If you have it in your heart to bring this back to me, it would be appreciated. If you bring it back, there won't be any charges pressed against you," Dudley says to whoever has the cart now.

Or if you know where the golf cart is, call the Northwood Hills golf pro shop at (318) 929-2322.

Dudley also lost his golf clubs that were on the cart. He's going to try to defend his club championship Saturday using a borrowed set.

Dudley says his clubs, including a rare Scotty Cameron putter, were in a gray Titleist golf bag. He had leather Squire Creek head covers.


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