The scam offers the perfect deal -- a home in a nice area with a price tag that's a dream.

"They're saying they've seen the post on Craigslist."

Christopher Knight recently discovered he wasn't the only one listing some of his Trussell & Associates properties.

"The man tells them they can send him the money and then he'll send them the keys," Knight says, surprised to find the alternate listings.

In an email, a man named Russell Frank Poldo told one of Knight's clients he actually owned a home on Monticello Drive in Shreveport.

The client found it through a Craigslist add, one of at least two Knight is aware of.

"We listed a second property on Zillow and very shortly after that, we started receiving a lot of phone calls," Knight explains. "We've gotten about 25 calls so far."

Poldo writes in the email that the rent is "significantly low and affordable as good faith for my happiness for my recent promotion."

He tells the client they'll "have to go look at the house through the windows" because he lives in Texas, and had to leave Shreveport suddenly for work.

The rent is listed as $700 with a deposit of $700, roughly half of the actual lease amount, according to Knight.

"It's unfortunate because there's very little that can be done for it," he says. "If they do send their information, there's very little chance they'll be prosecuted."

So KTBS 3 News reached out to Russel Frank Poldo, calling the number on his email.

There was no answer and - so far - no response to our voicemail.

"A lot of these are good people and they're hoping for something but if it sounds too good to be true, it is."

Knight says you should be aware of market rental and lease rates for a certain square footage.

So when you see a price that's incredibly low, it should raise a red flag.

If you're unsure about anything in the home rental or purchasing process, go through a legitimate company, rather than through an individual.

Law enforcement says it can be nearly impossible to prosecute these scammers because they're often operating out of the country.

When in doubt, never give out personal information and save yourself the headache.


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