Greg Tarver

Greg Tarver

SHREVEPORT, La. – State Sen. Greg Tarver is trying to get another challenger out of the District 39 Senate race.

Tuesday, Tarver filed a residency challenge against attorney Shante Wells. That comes a day after Tarver also claimed another of his challengers, state Rep. Barbara Norton, also doesn’t live in the district.

Both challenges will be heard in Caddo District Court this week.

In his lawsuit against Wells, Tarver claims Wells lives on Creswell Avenue in Senate District 37 – not on Utah Drive, which is a residency claimed by Wells. Tarver says the Creswell Avenue home is owned by Wells’ family members and Wells does not live there.

Tarver says Wells does not meet the residency requirements to run for the District 39 seat. Louisiana law requires a political candidate to reside in the district at least a year before qualifying.

Wells said he would address Tarver’s allegations Wednesday morning outside of the Caddo Parish Courthouse.

On Monday, Tarver said Norton, who is term limited in the House of Representatives, does not live in a home on McAlpine Street, which is where her aunt lives. Also living there is a man who is registered as a sex offender with the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office.      

Tarver said Norton actually lives in a house she is leasing on Spy Glass Circle, which is located in adjoining Senate District 38.

Tarver’s attorney has subpoenaed Norton’s tax returns, driver’s license and utility bills to determine her residency. Norton switched her voting address to McAlpine Street in July 2018, but Tarver contends she has never lived there. A certified letter sent to that address was accepted and signed for by the man who is a sex offender.

Also challenging Tarver in the Oct. 12 election is Jim Slagle of Vivian.


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