BOSSIER CITY, La. - DiamondJacks Casino is back open for business. The casino floor had to be evacuated Sunday evening due to storm damage to the boarding ramp.

A news release from DiamondJacks says the ramp was repaired overnight and state officials have approved the opening of the facility.

According to state police, high winds damaged the boarding ramp to the casino riverboat. 

“What happened last night due to the rain and wind is that one of the cables that holds that ship failed. Not a catastrophic failure but this caused the ship to move about six inches from its normal location. It impeded one of the walkways. The staff and crew of that ship did their job," Louisiana State Fire Marshal Butch Browning said. 

He also explained what the inspection consisted of. 

"We entered the vessel last night and worked with the owners and operator to safety get it back repaired which has been and it's operating fine," Browning said. "We have done a number of inspections and a number of testing of the fire system and all the other things that maintain safety on that vessel."

The Mega 3 Stormteam reported winds up to 60 mph during Sunday's storms. 


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