Bossier Council

(BOSSIER CITY) - More public improvement projects are coming to Bossier City.

That's because the city council approved a more than $60 million bond sale today.

Bossier City officials have several plans for the large sum of money.

It'll be used to fund projects like road construction, park upgrades, and public building improvements.

The entire city council approved the bond sale.

Initially, $60 million in bonds were supposed to be sold, but today it was announced that after the city went to market to sell the bonds the amount increased to about $64 million.

"We were able to sell more bonds, produce more money, and sell at a lesser rate. So, our indebtedness is less than anticipated," Pam Glorioso, Chief Administrative Officer.

The bonds should be sold before the end of the year.

Construction on public improvement projects could start in six to seven months.


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