AFCO cleanup

(CADDO PARISH) - Cleanup crews are sifting through the rubble at AFCO today.

The chemical plant just west of Shreveport caught fire after an explosion yesterday afternoon.

Five workers were in the building at the time.

They all made it out safely.

Firefighters still aren't sure what started the fire, or what chemical exploded.

They say an unknown amount of chemicals leaked into the woods behind the building.

So, crews are now monitoring the air quality and a retention pond.

AFCO makes detergents, sanitizers, and other cleaning supplies

"They have numerous amounts of hazardous materials within that business. It's unknown on the quantity that burnt, and unknown on the quantity that was released. We're still in emergency response mode right now due to the fact of the unknown origins of everything,” said Sgt. John Hay, with the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office Hazardous Materials Unit.

Louisiana State Police have the lead on this investigation.

No word on how long hazmat crews will stay on the scene to clean up.


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