Dr. Timothy Magner

SHREVEPORT, La. - The Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce President, Timothy Magner, is asking city leaders for more details about projects in what is now a $220 million bond proposal.

Last week, Magner sent his request to council members and city officials.

Shreveport CAO, Sherricka Fields Jones told KTBS people can learn more about the projects next week at two committee meetings.

Fields Jones expects next week to be a serious work week, a vote on the proposal happens August 13th.

She said this is an opportunity to reinvest in the city, and that this isn't a tax increase it's a continuation of what people are already paying.

Fields Jones said she expected questions about the project, especially from groups like the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce.

Magner said he wants to work with the city.

He wants to make sure all projects in the proposal are needed.

Magner doesn't oppose a bond altogether, he just wants more details.

Fields Jones says they will come out next week.

"We absolutely will be digging into the details. The departments will be able to provide you know that list of needs to be able to go through each one and talk about you know why we need it. We've got pictures and videos to be able to show to talk about things that we have done to maintain these properties with the limited resources that we have already," said Fields Jones.

"I met with the mayor yesterday. We had a short conversation you know, just sort of laying out our interest in being supportive and they were receptive to that. I think some of it will depend on what comes out of the meeting next week, if we get a lot of the answers that we're looking for, or if there are opportunities that come up between now and then, we're certainly happy to engage," said Magner.

Next Wednesday, there will be two committee meetings open to the public.

The first is the infrastructure committee meeting.

It starts at 1:00 p.m. in the mayor's conference room.

Then, at 3:00 p.m., the public safety committee will meet in the same room.

Once the proposal is finalized it'll be considered on the 13th at the council meeting.

If the proposal is approved on the 13th, it'll be sent to an election on November 16th.


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