SHREVEPORT, La. – The original $220 million bond proposal has been whittled down a bit by the council and Mayor Adrian Perkins into three separate propositions.

The bond is now at $186 million.

$76 million is set aside for public safety, including a new police department and fire trucks.

If the bond propositions pass, one of the projects includes possibly getting a new headquarters for Shreveport police.

Councilman Grayson Boucher said the old CenterPoint Energy building off of Milam St. is in great condition, and it's for sale for $2 million.

He toured it today with an architect who agreed, some floors are even move in ready.

There's 14 floors, more than 100 parking spots, three backup generators, and a computer center.

However, the building may need roof repairs, and Chief Ben Raymond believes parking could be an issue.

Councilman John Nickelson also toured the building, he hopes the council seriously considers the idea.

"We hear about remodeling and everything. I don't know the specific needs that y'all need, but there are open floors that could have cubicles in it, there are floors that already have offices in it, there's a downstairs are with an auditorium. I mean, it's, I don't know it looks like it would meet the needs of the police department," said Boucher.

"Our station is in a good location now because of the streets that feed it, only police officers are going down those streets, very little ways, downtown's got a lot of one way streets you've got a lot of traffic. So, we'd really just have to look at the building and look at what parking might be available and how would that affect downtown," said Chief Raymond.

Boucher suggested all council member should tour the building but no plans were made.

The council is expected to vote on the bond tomorrow to put it on the November ballot.


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