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SHREVEPORT, La. - A new oil and gas company wants approval for a natural gas pipeline under Cross Lake in Shreveport, the city's main drinking water supply. Representatives from Pine Wave Energy Partners explained their idea to some city leaders Thursday and got mixed reaction.

The company is looking at southwestern portion of the lake. Specifically, south of South Lake Shore. This proposed pipeline could impact the drinking water of 300,000 people.

Pine Wave Energy Partners wants an agreement to use the lake to move natural gas from the Haynesville Shale. Company representatives tried to convince city leaders that the pipeline is safe. But, citizens and city leaders are concerned about the potential impact of the pipeline on the water source. Also, some present Thursday weren't impressed by Pine Wave Energy Partners because they showed up late and couldn't answer a lot of questions. "I think that the oil and gas industry has had such a comfortable relationship with Louisiana that they haven't actually expected Shreveporters in particular to be so savvy and to be so concerned. And, I think that it's time for people to realize that while we might be open for business, we are going to have some demands of our own," said Councilwoman LeVette Fuller.

Councilwoman Fuller tells KTBS the issue will come up at the next council meeting. Council members plan to withdraw the proposal, hear from experts about the pipeline, and then resubmit it.

Pine Wave representatives said the city will get $150,000 for a 20-year servitude agreement. They also said this project could result in royalties for property owners and local governments. Their estimate of total royalties over the 20 years is a half-billion dollars.

There is already a natural gas pipeline under Cross Lake. It's been there since before the lake was created. But its condition and depth are unknown.


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