LeVette Fuller

LeVette Fuller

BATON ROUGE, La. – Shreveport City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller faces a $1,000 ethics fine for her tardiness in filing a campaign finance disclosure report related to her 2018 election.

Fuller, who was elected to her first term in November, filed a required report 97 days late, according to the state ethics board, which met Thursday and Friday.

Fuller requested a reduction in the fee. The board declined to waive it, states a notation on the board’s agenda. 

Fuller’s campaign manager, Kris Holland, said the campaign’s acting treasurer, Anne Susman Kuperman, was responsible for filing all reports and did so in a timely manner. But Holland said she learned the 40-G disclosure report, which is required to be filed 40 days after the general election, had not been filed, according to a letter from Holland attached to the board's agenda.

“Councilwoman Fuller was dismayed to learn that a member of her team had acted improperly. We will ensure all future paperwork and reporting is completed appropriately,” Holland wrote to the board.

But in an email to KTBS, Kuperman denies she is responsible for the late filing. She said she was "shocked" to learn it had not been completed and she was blamed. Kuperman said she resigned her volunteer position with Fuller's campaign on Dec. 8. 

The actual report -- which was due Jan. 17 but was filed with the ethics board on April 24 -- still has Kuperman's name typed into the box designated for the name and address of the campaign treasurer.

"I personally handed all applicable and appropriate documentation to Campaign Manager Kristin (Kris) Ballard Holland when I resigned; not only did I turn over all applicable and appropriate documentation, I gave a recommendation for a CPA Firm," Kuperman wrote in the email.

On the agenda, the board cites the law requiring reporting and the possibility of a civil penalty. There was also an indication Fuller has submitted one other report late, for which she paid a $40 fine. 

Fuller is not the only one on the board’s list.

Glenn Cornell, a candidate for Caddo Parish sheriff in Saturday's election, was cited for filing his 90-day finance disclosure report nine days late. He was initially assessed a $900 fee. However, the board’s recommendation as reflected on the agenda states the fee would be suspended based on future compliance with the law.


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