Out of Gas sign on pump

SHREVEPORT, La. -- The snow and ice melted away weeks ago, but parts of the ArkLaTex are still dealing with the ripple effect of February’s winter storm. In the past few days, KTBS 3 has received dozens of calls and emails from people saying they were having trouble finding gas in Shreveport.

"We went to like, three gas stations and all of the pumps were closed," said Jackie Spencer, who is visiting family from Las Vegas. "We did finally come (to the Murphy USA near Walmart on Mansfield Road) but it still had paper over the nozzles."

Spencer is not the only one.

Mike Moncla, the president of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, said he dealt with the issue firsthand while passing through Natchitoches, but said it's not a statewide problem.

"There's no shortage," said Moncla. "I think what happened is with the freeze that shut down plants for a week or two, it's probably just the logistics thing for the trucks."

Employees at several gas stations in Shreveport agreed, blaming the storm in February. At the time, refineries in the path of the storm had to be shut down for days.

Everything should be back up and running, according to Moncla. But the supply chain has been disrupted, with some gas stations only able to offer certain blends.

The manager at the Exxon station along Mansfield Road told KTBS he’d spoken with the company and expected more gas to be delivered by Sunday night.

The manager added the false rumors of a gas shortage only made things worse and caused more people filling up their tanks all at once.


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