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Mayor Adrian Perkins and a contingent from Shreveport tour the real-time crime center in New Orleans.

SHREVEPORT, La -- The future of crimefighting could get a high-tech boost with lots of sets of electronic eyes.

Mayor Adrian Perkins and other city leaders toured real-time crime centers in New Orleans and Baton Rouge on Friday. That's something they'd like to develop in Shreveport.

It's a centralized system where hundreds of live cameras all across the city are networked and monitored around the clock. They can be connected to 911.

Shreveport's Chief Technology Officer Keith Hanson was among those who traveled with Perkins. He said the crime center can provide help across an array of vital city services.

"It was more like an IT help desk for supporting our detectives in real time incidents -- like fires, floods. All kinds of support for city problems all baked into one department," Hanson said. "Fires, floods, emergencies, wrecks. It saves so much manpower time in SPD. But it also supports SFD. It supports Environmental Court. It supports all kinds of things in the city."

Hanson says people and businesses could be part of the network by allowing their own security cameras to be put on the system.

"Citizens can elect and click a button and send in streams of videos and clips with permission. So there's a whole bunch of things that save time and put limited resources out there in the field," Hanson explained.

The City of New Orleans reports about half of the cameras on their system are privately owned.

New Orleans' initial startup cost was about $5 million with 400 cameras. The center reportedly costs a million dollars to operate each year.

Hanson now has the job of making a report to the rest of the city council and other key leaders in hopes of getting everyone on board on what would be an initial multi-million dollar investment. Hanson said it's too early in the process to develop a timetable.

Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor and Shreveport Police Assistant to the Chief Marcus Mitchell also accompanied the mayor on Friday.


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