Friedrich Ishola

Friedrich Ishola

SHREVEPORT, La. – Threats of bodily harm made on social media against President Donald Trump have landed a Shreveport man in jail.

Friedrich Ishola, 31, was arrested Wednesday and is held on a federal charge of “threats against president and successors to the presidency,” according to a criminal complaint filed by a U.S. Secret Service agent in U.S. District Court in Shreveport.

Ishola will appear for an arraignment and detention hearing at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday before Magistrate Judge Mark L. Hornsby.

He’s also facing four counts of cyberstalking filed by the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office had already obtained arrest warrants for Ishola for comments made on his Facebook page when they found posts threatening Trump.

In an affidavit for Ishola’s arrest, Senior Secret Service Agent Kevin Bodden lists pages of screenshots taken from Ishola’s Facebook page that not only focus on the president, but also Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator and one of his investigators.

Some of his posts begin with “Strategic Justice Mission” or “Strategic Justice Real Talk.” In one, he said he has “voices in my head” telling him to shoot first and ask questions later.

A couple of expletive-filled comments mentioned the “President of the United States.”

Ishola was arrested under a federal code that makes it a crime for anyone to knowingly and willfully make a threat to take the life of the president, president-elect, vice president or other officer next in the order of succession.

Ishola is held on a $500,000 on the state charges. Court records indicate he's being held by the U.S. Marshals on the federal charge. 

Ishola has pending charges in June on cyberstalking, violation of a protective order and being a parole fugitive. 


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