Whitehorn and Perkins

Mayor Adrian Perkins (right) introduces the 2021 bond proposal to the Shreveport City Council.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- Shreveport voters should get ready for another big bond election, much like the one they narrowly rejected just over a year ago.

Mayor Adrian Perkins introduced his administration's newest plan before the Shreveport City Council on Tuesday. This plan is slightly bigger. The people would vote in a special election on April 24.

"This bond proposal is almost identical to the previous one that our citizens chose," Perkins told the council. "But we did make minor adjustments in listening to the citizens after the previous 2019 bond proposal. Many of those suggestions include making a more robust office of economic development."

The administration is asking for a package of four proposals totaling nearly $207 million. The 2019 package of three proposals totaled $186 million.

This time, Proposition 1 would ask voters to approve more than $88 million, primarily for streets and drainage.

Proposition 2 calls for nearly $77 million for police and fire department improvements. That includes a new police station and three substations.

Proposition 3 is $22 million for parks and recreation facilities.

And Proposition 4 is $19.5 million for economic development, including land and buildings.

"Our improved financial outlook puts us in a good position to pursue this general obligation bond. And this bond puts Shreveport on track for future growth," Perkins vowed.

The council will likely hold a special meeting in the next week for the proposal's required second reading. That's when the council will vote whether to send the package to voters in time to meet a January 19 deadline to notify the state bond commission.


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