Some historians say Elvis put Shreveport on the map when he performed one of his first  professional concerts at Shreveport Municipal Auditorium back in 1954.

James Burton, Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash and a number of famous artist performed here during the Louisiana Hayride concerts to some screaming fans, but what you might not know is this place has an eerie or darker side.

Sci Fi's Ghost Hunters crew came this year for a special investigation. During their visit the crew started hearing the ghost of a man speaking to them.  They were wondering if it was the ghost of Elvis Presley.

Tour Guide Teresa Micheels says probably not.

"We do have a saying Elvis hasn't left the building, but the truth is I don't know if Elvis is still here.  We don't have any proof, but everybody that comes looks for Elvis", says Micheels.

Micheels has been giving historical tours of the building for 13 years and says the ghost tours started shortly after historical ones because every time you turned around some strange voice, sound or eerie thing would happen while workers or visitors were in the building.

She told us about the mysterious door. Michaeels says from time to time a door that overlooks the foyer will open and shut on it's own.

A visitor says he captured the peek-a-boo door on camera during a tour given by Mrs. Micheels. Check it out!  The door is just one of the hundreds of spooky stories that have come out of Shreveport Municipal Auditorium.

Here are a few more:

She says there is a young girl ghost in a blue dress who runs around the auditorium. When you visit keep an eye out for her you might spot her.

Some visitors have even heard a woman moaning in the basement bathroom. Turns out the moaning may have a direct relation to something that actually happened in that bathroom.  The story goes during the Louisiana Hayride years a woman gave birth down in that bathroom.  Micheels and other workers think the woman who gave birth comes back and relives that moment.           


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