SHREVEPORT, La - The Shreveport NAACP chapter will select a new leader in November as candidates announce their bid for presidency. 

Those running for the top spot are Reverend Linus Mayes, Reverend Austin, Michale La'Fitte, and Attorney Jamar Montgomery. 

Lloyd Thompson, the previous president, passed away in April after serving for 10 years.

Michael La'Fiite, chapter spokesperson, says Thompson's shoes will be hard to fill but each candidate brings a unique style of leadership and direction. 

"We have a large base of members who are older and now we're tapping into the Millenial and even the Gen X generation," La'Fitte said. "And once those generations merge, what happens is you're able to get senior ideas as well as ideas from younger folks." 

Irma Rogers, president of MLK Community Development Corporation and long-time NAACP member,  says she's looking for change and a new direction. 

"I expect some strong leadership," Rogers said. "I'm expecting that they take the lead in many of the things we've seen our young people demonstrating and marching for in the street. I'm hoping that they will listen to the ideas that they have and put them in to policy."

Gloria Prelow, a Shreveport resident and member, said she wants to preserve the legacy of the organization.

"This is a legendary organization that has been in existence for a very long time," Prelow said. "It's helped so many minorities. And that they would do well to keep it going and not let it fall by the way side."


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