Shreveport police officer kicks suspect while on ground

SHREVEPORT, La. -- We're learning more about the incident involving a Shreveport police officer charged with malfeasance.

KTBS-3 has obtained a video that shows Corporal Dylan Hudson kicking a suspect in the head while making an arrest on Aug. 5.

Hudson is standing with his back to the person who recorded the arrest on a cellphone.

He kicks 32-year-old Markeil Tyson in the face.

Tyson was on the ground being detained by two other officers at the time.

Officers were called to the 49-hundred block of Monkhouse Drive for a report of loitering.

Tyson was arrested for criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.

In the video, you can hear Hudson say, "Lie on your stomach" - and Tyson respond, "I'm trying to".

After forcing Tyson to the ground, Hudson ordered him to put his has behind his back.

Again, Tyson responded, "I'm trying to" and Hudson appeared to jolt him with his stun gun.

Charges against Tyson were dropped.

Hudson is on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.


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