school closes

SHREVEPORT, L.a. - A Shreveport school suddenly closed its doors Thursday with no warning to parents.

Parents of children attending the Christian Center Montessori contacted KTBS Thursday afternoon after suddenly finding out their child's school was shutting down.

Principal Scott Hooper confirmed the closure is due to low enrollment.

The school offered services to kindergarten students through third-graders. They also took care of babies in a day care.

But Hooper said there were only 10 paying students in the entire school and only six faculty members, including himself.

Hooper said he was brought in this year to try and improve the enrollment, but he immediately noticed the school was operating in red for several years now.

The head of the center wrote this statement that reads:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances and a decrease of enrollment, it is with deep sadness that we announce the closing of Christian Center Montessori School. We are doing everything we can to help students, parents, and staff adjust to the situation, and wish them the best in this new school year."

Hooper said checks for the refunded tuition and deposits were already available Friday. Parents had the option of picking up the money in person or having it mailed.

The school provided free day care Friday for any children who had no another option.

The school was a ministry of the Christian Center Shreveport, a nondenominational church.


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