St. Vincent and 84th

Car parts from a prior wreck lie near the intersection of St. Vincent Ave. and West 84th Street.

SHREVEPORT, La -- The Perkins administration wants a second opinion on traffic signals. This comes after Councilman James Green voiced frustration that two lights were rejected for his district 'F' on the city's west side.

One would've gone in at Jewella and Tate. The other for St. Vincent and 84th Street -- which Green points out is the scene of a lot of accidents.

The city council unanimously approved both lights last spring. But they were later rejected when city traffic engineer Michael Erlund did a traffic study. However, Erlund approved a signal in the growing and more affluent area of the Southern Loop at Wallace Lake Road.

That prompted objections from Green at Monday's meeting.

"Dr. Erlund has no heart for that particular part of the city. And that just racks my brain," Green said.

But the Perkins' administration will take another look. Ben Riggs, the mayor's spokesman, said in a statement, "The safety of Shreveport citizens is the top priority of this administration. An independent study will be conducted to determine whether the proposed lights are needed based on the volume of traffic."


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