SHREVEPORT, La. - Some workers say $250 was much lower than they expected, adding the application standards seems to disqualify many frontline workers.

Rose Rivera, a Bossier paramedic, said she loves to serve but feels for others who might be in financial crunch.

"None of us asked for the recognition," Rivera said. "We didn't ask for the extra money or nothing like that. We appreciate the recognition for it. But, there are some of us that find the $250. They find it quite insulting, demeaning." 

D.J. James, a Shreveport resident, worries about his wife working at a retail store in Bossier City. 

"Well $250, that's like a slap in the face, really," James said. "But, just the fact that my lady has to go to work each and everyday. You know. not knowing if she's going to come into contact with another person that came into contact with someone else due to the COVID-19 and pandemic and everything that's going on." 

Some workers said they found it strange more money was provided for unemployment benefits than hazard pay. 


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