Severe Weather Driving

SHREVEPORT, La. - The ArkLaTex is in the midst of severe weather season and the heavy rain can often have a major impact on our lives, especially when we're behind the wheel.

When the rain started falling this week, it created really wet road conditions and also the threat of hydroplaning for drivers. Unfortunately, this is also the cause of a number of accidents.

KTBS spoke with the Louisiana State Police about some things we all need to keep in mind to stay safe in the months ahead.

"You want to make sure that you're dropping your speed so that you can have a safe braking distance to the vehicle in front of you. You also want to adjust your following distance so that you can react to a change in the road conditions ahead of you," state police Troop G spokesman Jonathan Odom said.

Odom also stressed the importance of wearing your seat belt at all times, not just when the weather is bad.

"We have a lot of trees near the roadways that are subject to falling and there's also a lot of crashes that you could roll up on," he added.

Odom pointed out that your odds of getting seriously injured or even dying because of an accident greatly increase if you or someone you're in the car with do no buckle up.

So stay safe, watch your speed, and don't forget to click that seat belt, he said.


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