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SHREVEPORT, La. - There’s been string of car break-ins across multiple Shreveport neighborhoods according to victims.

Victims are reporting the burglaries to police and bringing their concerns to social media.

Broadmoor, Shreve City and Stoner Hill are just some of the impacted areas, but it could also be happening anywhere else Shreveport.

Some are reporting to police and some sharing their experience on Facebook to make sure it does not happen to anyone else.

Some are also using their home surveillance video, in hopes someone will recognize the suspects and get them caught.

One person says her Ring camera recorded the suspects crossing their lawn at about 5:40 Wednesday morning. Their video showed them entering one of their cars from the driver’s side. They found out they took a few things, but luckily they found those items in their neighbor's yard.

KTBS talked to another person who was impacted. He says this came as a shock to him.

"They took some money, but they left the Michael Kors purse and coach wallet that was in the car," said Sterlin Foster. “I just feel like whoever did it was young so parents make sure that you're watching your kids and know what they're getting themselves into at night."

Police say some of the suspects are minors and they have three in custody ages 12, 15, and 17. Police say they're looking for three more.

If you know anything about these car break-ins call Crimestoppers at 673-7373.


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