TexAmericas Center makes big plans for 2020

TEXARKANA, Texas - The TexAmericas Center near Hooks, Texas is looking to bring in new construction, industry and more economic opportunities.

Over the years, they've acquired 12,000 acres, but only about 1,500 of those acres is being utilized by businesses or industries.

While their growth has been steady, there is still plenty of room for new development.

TexAmericas Executive Director Scott Norton said they are actively seeking new tenants to occupy existing buildings, buy or lease land, or help industries with new construction.

"We've talked to several companies that are interested in coming to the footprint. We're finalizing documents with them to move those projects forward. Then, we'll put shovels in the ground and start building on the footprint," said Norton.

TexAmericas is one of the largest industrial centers in North America.

Nearly 12,000 acres of the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and the Red River Army Depot were transferred to them, as part of BRAC 1995 and 2005.

Since then, TexAmericas has added new industries, tenants and spurred economic growth in the region.

Now, they're facing a new challenge, having enough existing building space available for future tenants.

Norton said their future will now involve new construction.

"We're not recruiting businesses that pay minimum wage jobs. We're recruiting businesses that pay a livable wage, so people can raise a family off those wages," explained Norton.

Norton sad their goal is to eventually have 12,000 jobs on their footprint.

Currently, they have 1,000 jobs. 

Last year, the TexAmericas Center added two new industries and nine new tenants to their footprint.


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