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The Arkansas Department of Health released coronavirus case numbers for educational institutions across the state for the second week on Monday.

Officials with the Department of Education said they are impressed with how school districts are handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Nearly a month has gone by since students have made their way back into the classroom. For many school districts in the state, COVID-19 is still a top safety concern.

Department of Education Director of Communications, Kimberly Mundell, said districts are handling coronavirus cases the best way they can.

According to the Department of Health, from June 15 to September 14, public school districts have had nearly 3,000 total coronavirus cases and private schools have had more than 150 cases.

Last month, the Clarksville School District had to quarantine the majority of the high school football team because a senior player and multiple coaches tested positive for COVID-19.

Superintendent David Hopkins said one of the biggest challenges outside of the number of coronavirus cases, is how many students and staff have to quarantine because of close contact.

"We had one student a couple of weeks ago, in one of our elementary grades that came to school and we had 40 something close contacts with that student that we had to quarantine because of the proximity of that student with these other students," Dr. Hopkins said.

Hopkins said their school district has had 13 total coronavirus cases since last month.

Department of Education officials said they do have designated points of contact for school districts who report coronavirus cases to the state. They said not many school districts in the state have had to completely shutdown for in-person learning due to coronavirus cases.


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